Mozilla XPCOM extensions.


Note that XPCOM is not supported from Firefox 3.6.XPT files are TLB files of Mozilla Plugin Framework. You need both xpt and dll files for registering the XPCOM component. So we can extract the interface/class information from the xpt file.

We can get the interface information from the .xpt files using xpt_dump.exe (from the xulrunner SDK)


C:\Gecko\sample_xpcom1\sample_xpcom>xpt_dump ISample.xpt
   Major version:         1
   Minor version:         2
   Number of interfaces:  2
      Annotation #0 is empty.

Interface Directory:
   – ::nsISupports (00000000-0000-0000-c000-000000000046):
   – ::ISample (658abc9e-29cc-43e9-8a97-9d3c0b67ae8b):
      Parent: ::nsISupports
         Scriptable: TRUE
         Function: FALSE
         uint32 Add(in int32, in int32, out retval int32);
         No Constants


Some good links for understanding XPCOM components (old links):


Some good links for building XPCOM components:

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