Browser Security Comparison reports

Recently we have seen many reports on browser security comparison. At least i have seen/read four such reports.

1) A Security Analysis of Next Generation Web Standards
2) HTML5 the ugly
3) Browser Security Comparison – A Quantitative Approach

You can split these studies under two categories:
    1. Malware protection
    2. HTML5 features security

Studies 1) and 2) falls under category 1.
Studies 3) and 4) falls under Category 2.

User Agent industry has added lot of protection when it comes to malware prevention but most still fail when it comes to “HTML5 features security”. Nowadays you don’t need to exploit a vulnerability in browser native code to steal the data. You execute few scripts and steal the data. JavaScript is new ActiveX and browser is new OS 😉

Another report on HTML web security.

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