Patch symbols in a VxWorks image

Simple script that will populate the symbol information in a VxWorks image. You may need to change a bit (uncomment) to make it work. Here is the IDAPython Script.


import idc,sys,string
from idaapi import *

# make sure you have selected right offset for end_ea ;-))

# vxworks addresses.
start_ea= 0xDEADBABE;
end_ea  = 0xDEADBABE;

def GetStringAt(start,end,type):
    ret_string= "";
    while 1:
        if(Byte(start) != 0x00):
            ret_string += "%c"%Byte(start);
            start = start + 1;
    return ret_string;

def ret_function_start(ea):
    function_name= GetFunctionName(ea);
    function_start= LocByName(function_name)
    return function_start

def createfunction(func_offset,start_ea):
    return 1;
    #print "Map: %x func_offset: %x"%(start_ea,func_offset)
        function_start= ret_function_start(func_offset);
        if (function_start != func_offset):
            print "%x:: Invalid function %x : %x"%(start_ea,function_start,func_offset);
        original_byte= GetOriginalByte(func_offset);
        if original_byte == 0x55:
            original_byte= GetOriginalByte(func_offset+1);
            original_byte2= GetOriginalByte(func_offset+2);
            if(original_byte == 0x89 and original_byte2 == 0xe5):
                #print "Creating function at: %x"%(func_offset)
                return 1;
    print "%x:: Not function : %x"%(start_ea,func_offset);
    return 1;

count = 0;
while start_ea < end_ea:
    name_offset= Dword(start_ea+0x0);
    func_offset= Dword(start_ea+0x4);
    flag1      = Dword(start_ea+0x8);
    flag2      = Dword(start_ea+0xc);
    # flag1
    #    0x50000= For function names.
    #    0x70000= For variable names.
    #    0x90000= Could be for variables in .bss section.
    if(flag1 == 0x50000):
        count += 1
        #print "%x : %x"%(start_ea,flag1);
        #functionname= GetStringAt(name_offset, -1, ASCSTR_C);
        #if not createfunction(func_offset,start_ea):
        #    print "Error in creating function @%x"%func_offset;
        #    #break;
        #print "Naming function @ 0x%x to %s"%(func_offset,functionname)
        #if (MakeName(func_offset,functionname)==0):
        #    print "Cant rename %x : %s "%(func_offset,functionname)
    #if(flag1 == 0x70000):
    #        #print "%x : %x"%(start_ea,flag1);
    #        variablename= GetStringAt(name_offset, -1, ASCSTR_C);
    #        if not MakeByte(func_offset):
    #            print "Error in creating variable @%x"%func_offset;
    #            break;
    #        print "Naming variable @ 0x%x to %s"%(func_offset,variablename)
    #        #MakeName(func_offset,variablename);
    start_ea= start_ea + 0x10;

print "Total : %d"%count;

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One Response to Patch symbols in a VxWorks image

  1. Christophe says:

    Excellent! Thanks a lot!

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