Immunity Debugger Pycommand – listhooked


Simple pycommand to list the hooked library functions. What it does is, goes through each and every loaded module and get the list of exported functions and see is there a jmp instruction at the start of this function. If so, then it take the target address and see whether it is pointing to an address that is not part of any module or it is pointing to an address within the module we are interested. Most of the commercial hooking mechanisms jumps to the heap before jumping to the interesting code.

import pefile
import immlib
import libanalyze

def print_sym(imm,sym):
    imm.Log( “%s == 0x%08X”%(sym.getName(),sym.getAddress()))

“””return the key of dictionary dic given the value”””
def find_key(dic, val):
    return [k for k, v in dic.iteritems() if v == val][0]

def isTargetaddressInteresting(imm, addr, dest,target_module):
    ”’is an address within range of a interesting DLL”’
    mod = imm.getModuleByAddress(addr)
    if (dest < mod.getBaseAddress()) or (dest > mod.getBaseAddress()+mod.getSize()):
        # pointing to a location other than the source module
        #module = imm.getModuleByAddress(dest)
        module = imm.findModule(dest)
        if not module :
            #No module is found. May be it is pointing to heap
            return True
            #module_name= (find_key(all_modules,mod)).toLower()
            if mod == target_module:
                return True
            #elif module[0] == target_module:
            #    return True
    return False

def main(args):
    imm = immlib.Debugger()
    for module in all_modules.values():
        imm.log(“Module name %s”% find_key(all_modules,module))
        if module.symbols:
            for Sym in module.symbols.values():
                if “export” in Sym.getType().lower():
                    if disassembled.isJmp():
                        opstring= disassembled.getDisasm()
                        jmpaddr = disassembled.getJmpAddr()
                        if isTargetaddressInteresting(imm,Sym.getAddress(),jmpaddr,”injected.dll”):
                            #imm.log(“Module name %s”% find_key(all_modules,module))
                            #imm.log(”             %s”%opstring)
                            imm.log(”             %s == 0x%08X”%(Sym.getName(),Sym.getAddress()))
    return “success”

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