SCALMS–Source Code Auditors Log Management System


In my auditing job, I used to face lot of issues when we work as a team. Problems we face are,
1) Work on multiple projects/products at a time.
2) When you work as a team, how do you assign an audit work of a partially audited project/product to another colleague ?
3) How do you calculate the percentage of audit completed for a project/product ?

So i decided to develop a simple PHP+MySQL based web application to log all my audit work.

Now I can log multiple projects at a time. I can export my audit log and give it to another
person to continue the audit. I can now give a percentage because i log what i have audited
till now.

It is a very simple web application. I always run this web application in my local web server. I admit that this web application has lot of web holes (i.e. injection).

Leaving some screenshots here. If you are interested, let me know through the comment or follow the blog. I can send that code to you.

Main Page (List of projects):


Creating a project:


Opening a project:


Inputting new audit log:


New “Threat” audit log:


New “Function” Audit log:


New “Allocation-check-copy” log:


Enter “General” notes:



View Existing Log(s):


Export All the log(s) to a file:


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