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Build nwjs12 for windows

Here is the list of steps to build nwjs12 for windows: Download up the path for depot_toolsgclientInstall VS 2013 community editionInstall Windows 10 SDKset DEPOT_TOOLS_WIN_TOOLCHAIN=0set GYP_DEFINES=”clang=0 nwjs_sdk=0 disable_nacl=1″set GYP_MSVS_VERSION=2013mkdir -p $HOME/nwjscd $HOME/nwjsgclient config –name=src    Add this to .gclient    … Continue reading

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Deobfuscate Javascript using PhantomJS (Headless browser)

Recently when i got a chance to analyze Neutrino Exploit kit capture, i noticed that Neutrino EK has a detection and check for headless browser and other JS based frameworks. One thing that is interesting about Neutrino EK is all … Continue reading

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Extend Sulo to find the CVE of Flash exploits

In this blog, i like to discuss more about detecting the vulnerability triggered by a particular exploit using Sulo. I have extended it to detect few of the recent vulnerabilities. I have added code to detect CVE-2015-0310, CVE-2015-0311 and CVE-2015-0313. … Continue reading

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Hide Javascript inside JPEG file

In the recent Hack.LU 2014 conference Saumil Shah from net-square gave a talk on “Hacking with Pictures”. The basic idea behind this talk is hiding Javascipt inside a JPEG file. He extended this technique to JPEG. Those who are interested … Continue reading

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Whitehat Security Labs ‘Aviator’ for windows in ten steps

Recently Whitehat Security Labs released a beta version of their own browser ‘Aviator’ based on the chromium code base. They released it only for the Mac OS version. Here is how we can have a similar setup in windows or … Continue reading

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Does browser private mode share the GeoLocation information ?

GeoLocation information’s can be queried using JavaScript API. This information is related to the privacy of the user so User Agents ask user permission to share the information. There are few permission differences and visual differences between various browser vendors. … Continue reading

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Google Chrome 17 BETA – Download Protection Feature

Recently Google Chrome 17 BETA announced two new features. One of them is the download security. So i started to look into it. You can read their blog in this link. "Speed and Security" ( As they mentioned in the … Continue reading

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