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FiddlerCore is written in .Net. Most of the time when we needed to capture the traces using fiddler we had to start it manually. Here is the simple .Net code that you can use to automate this capture. using System;using … Continue reading

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Debug Build and Fuzzing Tip

I always use debug build when i fuzz a product for which i have access to the source code. Yes at few times i used to get bugs in some debug code but most of the time i have triggered … Continue reading

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Peach Fuzzing- Tutorial List

Today i got a chance to read two interesting Peach Fuzzing tutorial. Go ahead and read it to understand the Peach fuzzing.

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Fuzzing IOCTL using peach

While doing code auditing i wanted to run a fuzzer against a driver that process IOCTL. I tried “ioctlfuzzer” ( The problem with ioctlfuzzer is , it needs to see particular IOCTL being sent from the process/service. But the product … Continue reading

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