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Instrument Microsoft Office applications to defeat macro obfuscations

With the recent increase in documents with macros used to deliver malwares, researchers spend considerable amount of time to analyze these attached scripts to understand the inner workings. Though the macros does follow the similar pattern in file download and … Continue reading

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Dealing with pcaps in windows using Fiddler/FiddlerCore

Many a times when we receive a pcap(especially exploit packs pcaps) for malware analysis purpose we had to do lot of manual work to load it in Fiddler and extract the objects and analyze those. While using windows, i depend … Continue reading

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Digging deep into Recent Angler Exploit kit Fileless delivery

Recently ThreatGlass released a PCAP related to Angler Exploit kit from Looking into this, Angler EK has changed it’s obfuscation techniques to load it’s dropper from the exploit server. Let’s dig into this. The initial dropper is downloaded before … Continue reading

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Windows Process name hashes – List 1

accesschk.exe                      = 0x9ee47cc6accessenum.exe                  = 0x03e17cb7adexplorer.exe                     = 0x3ee17c67adinsight.exe                       = 0x9fe67ca6adrestore.exe                       = 0xbfe5fcceaircrack-ng gui.exe             = 0x4d4668b4anubis.exe                           = 0x52d5fa16apimonitor.exe                   = 0x10ec3c9fapis32.exe                           = 0x6ed7fb8eapispy32.exe                       = 0x94d4bd8eautologon.exe                    = 0xace67d4eautoruns.exe                      = 0xbed23c1eautorunsc.exe                    = 0xb0e77dceavp.exe                               = 0x26cdf916bdagent.exe                       = 0x85d43a7ebginfo.exe                          = 0x40d4fa6ecacheset.exe                      = 0x83d77c26cain.exe                             = 0x4acdf96ecamrecorder.exe               = 0x1ae33177camtasiastudio.exe           … Continue reading

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Windows API Hash List 2

    ModuleName= C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll (0xDF956BA6)        Export: A_SHAFinal(0x736DA974)        Export: A_SHAInit(0xBFC6BCC1)        Export: A_SHAUpdate(0xCF06FD70)        Export: AlpcAdjustCompletionListConcurrencyCount(0x23B53BE8)        Export: AlpcFreeCompletionListMessage(0x02E14901)        Export: AlpcGetCompletionListLastMessageInformation(0x9254AE4E)        Export: AlpcGetCompletionListMessageAttributes(0x1B542730)        Export: AlpcGetHeaderSize(0x5C9A17B2)        Export: AlpcGetMessageAttribute(0x4F2DB942)        Export: AlpcGetMessageFromCompletionList(0xE0E08C02)        Export: AlpcGetOutstandingCompletionListMessageCount(0x199B910D)        Export: AlpcInitializeMessageAttribute(0x65D95C89)        Export: AlpcMaxAllowedMessageLength(0xF650E8D2)        Export: AlpcRegisterCompletionList(0xBD8E2C03)        Export: AlpcRegisterCompletionListWorkerThread(0x8D3B647D)        Export: AlpcRundownCompletionList(0xC366721E)        Export: AlpcUnregisterCompletionList(0x7B09D25B)        Export: AlpcUnregisterCompletionListWorkerThread(0x64F5C9F9)        … Continue reading

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Windows API Hash List 1

ModuleName= C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll (0x4414F3EA)    Export: A_SHAFinal(0xB52E8E6D)    Export: A_SHAInit(0xD79837F8)    Export: A_SHAUpdate(0xDFAE19E0)    Export: AlpcAdjustCompletionListConcurrencyCount(0xA77D0476)    Export: AlpcFreeCompletionListMessage(0x2920205C)    Export: AlpcGetCompletionListLastMessageInformation(0x95C9D24A)    Export: AlpcGetCompletionListMessageAttributes(0x84E6036A)    Export: AlpcGetHeaderSize(0x42F64B93)    Export: AlpcGetMessageAttribute(0xB72849E5)    Export: AlpcGetMessageFromCompletionList(0x11805C1C)    Export: AlpcGetOutstandingCompletionListMessageCount(0x7221A333)    Export: AlpcInitializeMessageAttribute(0x2B912CBB)    Export: AlpcMaxAllowedMessageLength(0x1D1A5ECA)    Export: AlpcRegisterCompletionList(0xC58077B1)    Export: AlpcRegisterCompletionListWorkerThread(0x6C8FB1A7)    Export: AlpcRundownCompletionList(0xCE43D86C)    Export: AlpcUnregisterCompletionList(0x3A4B6F61)    Export: AlpcUnregisterCompletionListWorkerThread(0xB93F2C9E)    Export: … Continue reading

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MITM Gmail SMTP STARTTLS Traffic in LAB machines

During auditing we may face with the challenge of MITM Gmail SMTP STARTTLS traffic to retrieve the email content/credentials. Most of the .Net programs does NOT allow connecting to a Secure server using a self-signed certificates. I used starttls-mitm ( … Continue reading

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With the release of new Cuckoo, i wanted to check the features provided by Cuckoo.Just releasing the details i have collected. For those who don’t know much about Cuckoo, it is a malware analysis framework. Cuckoo can be used to … Continue reading

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Buster Sandbox Analyzer

Official Website:    Active Forum links:    Setup and usage: Buster Sandbox Analyzer uses SandboxIE tool to gather the system modification information and later it does analysis on that information. It configures sandboxIE to load/inject a DLL into … Continue reading

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