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Digging deep into Recent Angler Exploit kit Fileless delivery

Recently ThreatGlass released a PCAP related to Angler Exploit kit from Looking into this, Angler EK has changed it’s obfuscation techniques to load it’s dropper from the exploit server. Let’s dig into this. The initial dropper is downloaded before … Continue reading

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Windows Process name hashes – List 1

accesschk.exe                      = 0x9ee47cc6accessenum.exe                  = 0x03e17cb7adexplorer.exe                     = 0x3ee17c67adinsight.exe                       = 0x9fe67ca6adrestore.exe                       = 0xbfe5fcceaircrack-ng gui.exe             = 0x4d4668b4anubis.exe                           = 0x52d5fa16apimonitor.exe                   = 0x10ec3c9fapis32.exe                           = 0x6ed7fb8eapispy32.exe                       = 0x94d4bd8eautologon.exe                    = 0xace67d4eautoruns.exe                      = 0xbed23c1eautorunsc.exe                    = 0xb0e77dceavp.exe                               = 0x26cdf916bdagent.exe                       = 0x85d43a7ebginfo.exe                          = 0x40d4fa6ecacheset.exe                      = 0x83d77c26cain.exe                             = 0x4acdf96ecamrecorder.exe               = 0x1ae33177camtasiastudio.exe           … Continue reading

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Shellcode Detection Tool

Recently i got a chance to visit a link that is sent by one of my friend. It claims to detect shellcode in a file. So i decided to look into it because the original author didn’t share any technical … Continue reading

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