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How to extract Interface and Property details from NPAPI Windows plugin

  In this post we will see how we can extract the interface/property details from the NPAPI plugin. Before moving further i have to warn you that there is no easy way to extract to all the information in automated … Continue reading

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Mozilla XPCOM extensions.

  Note that XPCOM is not supported from Firefox 3.6.XPT files are TLB files of Mozilla Plugin Framework. You need both xpt and dll files for registering the XPCOM component. So we can extract the interface/class information from the xpt … Continue reading

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NPAPI Plugin (Must read)

  https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Plugins http://hudolejev.blogspot.com/2009/08/building-npruntime-sample-plugin-in.html http://colonelpanic.net/2009/03/building-a-firefox-plugin-part-one/ http://colonelpanic.net/2009/12/memory-management-in-npapi/ http://git.webvm.net/?p=npsimple   Browser Plugins vs Extensions http://colonelpanic.net/2010/08/browser-plugins-vs-extensions-the-difference/   Four part tutorial (MUST read for everyone trying to understand the NPAPI) http://colonelpanic.net/2009/03/building-a-firefox-plugin-part-one/ http://colonelpanic.net/2009/05/building-a-firefox-plugin-part-two/ http://colonelpanic.net/2009/08/building-a-firefox-plugin-part-three/ http://colonelpanic.net/2011/07/building-a-firefox-plugin-part-four/   In linux, http://inferno-firefox.blogspot.com/

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Hello world!

My first entry to the blogging after these many year…. (;

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