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IDC Script- Create Unicode String

////    This idc adds shortcuts to create unicode strings.// #include <idc.idc> static main() {    DelHotkey(“Shift+U”);     AddHotkey(“Shift+U”,”createunicodestring”);    Message(“Press Shift+U @ EA to create unicode string”);        Message(“Registered idc functions”);} // http://www.hex-rays.com/products/ida/support/freefiles/ldrmodules.idcstatic MakeNameWithType(ea, type){  auto old_type;  old_type = GetLongPrm(INF_STRTYPE);  SetLongPrm(INF_STRTYPE, type);  … Continue reading

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IDA Pro: Fix big switch cases

Sometimes when i reverse binaries i face issues with finding the right address for particular case. Windows binaries usually represent big switch statement using two different arrays. Here is the script to fix the cases so that reversing becomes easier: … Continue reading

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IDA Pro: IDC scripts for reversing network software binary

Most of the time when we reverse an networking software that process TCP/IP packets, we face with the challenge of creating that same old structures. IDA Pro has inbuilt structures for windows internals data structure. I couldn’t find one for … Continue reading

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Basic Binary Auditing (step 1)

When we analyse the source code for vulnerabilities, it takes lot of time to find the sign extension issues and other related issues. But binary point it out very clearly. What i usually do is, i download the source code … Continue reading

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