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Windows Process name hashes – List 1

accesschk.exe                      = 0x9ee47cc6accessenum.exe                  = 0x03e17cb7adexplorer.exe                     = 0x3ee17c67adinsight.exe                       = 0x9fe67ca6adrestore.exe                       = 0xbfe5fcceaircrack-ng gui.exe             = 0x4d4668b4anubis.exe                           = 0x52d5fa16apimonitor.exe                   = 0x10ec3c9fapis32.exe                           = 0x6ed7fb8eapispy32.exe                       = 0x94d4bd8eautologon.exe                    = 0xace67d4eautoruns.exe                      = 0xbed23c1eautorunsc.exe                    = 0xb0e77dceavp.exe                               = 0x26cdf916bdagent.exe                       = 0x85d43a7ebginfo.exe                          = 0x40d4fa6ecacheset.exe                      = 0x83d77c26cain.exe                             = 0x4acdf96ecamrecorder.exe               = 0x1ae33177camtasiastudio.exe           … Continue reading

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IDA Pro 6.3 and MyNav Plugin

If you are trying to use MyNav plugin using IDA Pro 6.3 then you will face issue while debugging. You need to apply few line changes in the code. Here is the patch you need to apply to the … Continue reading

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Assembly language programming using visual studio 2010

Recently we faced with the issue of including assembly code in a project. After lot of Googling we got the following links. Just sharing these links.

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IDA Toolbag by Aaron Portnoy

Those who are in the reversing field should try this.

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IDC Script- Create Unicode String

////    This idc adds shortcuts to create unicode strings.// #include <idc.idc> static main() {    DelHotkey(“Shift+U”);     AddHotkey(“Shift+U”,”createunicodestring”);    Message(“Press Shift+U @ EA to create unicode string”);        Message(“Registered idc functions”);} // MakeNameWithType(ea, type){  auto old_type;  old_type = GetLongPrm(INF_STRTYPE);  SetLongPrm(INF_STRTYPE, type);  … Continue reading

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Immunity Debugger Pycommand – listhooked

  Simple pycommand to list the hooked library functions. What it does is, goes through each and every loaded module and get the list of exported functions and see is there a jmp instruction at the start of this function. … Continue reading

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Patch symbols in a VxWorks image

Simple script that will populate the symbol information in a VxWorks image. You may need to change a bit (uncomment) to make it work. Here is the IDAPython Script.   import idc,sys,string from idaapi import * # make sure you … Continue reading

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